I decorated some burp cloths! They’re the birdseye cotton ones that come in 6 packs. Wash them first in baby-safe detergent, iron them, and then cut strips of cloth to fit the middle part, iron clean edges all tucked under, and sew with either a straight stitch or a zigzag around all 4 sides. Tie them up with a purty bow and you have yourself a fancypants baby shower gift set!

Girl burp cloths

Girl burp cloths


I am due in June and just found out that my fetus, Soda Seven (named after a Seinfeld episode until we think of “real” names) is a she.

Lawsamercy! Let the crafting BEGIN.

Behold, ’tis Soda’s first dress I made for her. Soda will be sporting this at her uncle’s outdoor wedding at the end of August, where she will just have turned 2 months old. The wedding colors are brown and green. It’s actually wider but it looks skinny in this picture. I do believe I made it too long–it’s 16 inches “tall” but I can just scrunch up her legs in there. It’s not like she will walk and trip over it!

She’ll get a hat that matches!

The brown ribbon came from my ribbon stash.

I hope it fits, at least in the top. I’m not so worried about the length. I based measurements from a 3-6mo. onesie and just made it up as I went.  She can always wear it at some other time.

I bought letters to spell out Soda’s real name at Joann’s today. I painted the edges in pink and put some scrapbook paper I picked up for 29 cents a sheet and modpodged them on the letters. Each letter is a different type of paper.The nursery color will be that Caribbean blue shade running on the edge of the E’s middle prong. I can’t believe these sell for around $20 a letter! I also covered the light switch plate with the stripey paper.

My buddy Elijah found 3 carrots, an eggplant, a loaf of bread with a slice, a wedge of cheese, and 2 pancakes with syrup and butter pats in a basket for his play kitchen.

I made this reversible apron for my buddy Elijah to wear as he plays kitchen. The gift also went with the felt food.

Tangerine Side

Mocha Side

These are always a super gift for baby showers. I’ve made a set for a girl and a set for a boy. I use Heat n’ Bond and then straight stitch around them for reinforcement. I need to master the zigzag stitch to make it really look professional. I saw similar onesies for sale at a handmade fair for $20!! I make up all the patterns and designs myself.



Here’s a close up of the stitching on the whale:

Here is a rocket ship on a light blue fabric:

Here’s a new set for baby Jackson. The J has some red stitching, which looks great against the purple camo print!
baby Jackson's onesies

This one’s for Jill’s baby shower on Nov. 2. I love this in the photos!