paper arts

I bought letters to spell out Soda’s real name at Joann’s today. I painted the edges in pink and put some scrapbook paper I picked up for 29 cents a sheet and modpodged them on the letters. Each letter is a different type of paper.The nursery color will be that Caribbean blue shade running on the edge of the E’s middle prong. I can’t believe these sell for around $20 a letter! I also covered the light switch plate with the stripey paper.


I have done several weird magazine projects.

What to do with junk mail and magazines? She knows! I did do a logo that spells out the initials of our favorite band, Umphrey’s McGee. They obviously took the OHM symbol and made it their own. Check out how to do it on this video from Patricia Zapata.

I just painted this canvas black, cut out strips in hues, and modpodged them on in a nice glossy finish.

Yeah, the next ones are both snow day projects my first few years of teaching:

I can’t find a picture of it, but I did make one of these magazine bowls recently.

Here is a trashcan or other little projects with magazine strips

These are incredibly awesome. You will need waxed dental floss, some paper, flimsy cardboard from the recycle bin, a big plastic needle, and this tutorial from Zum Gali Gali Rubber Stamps!

Gather huge pinecones from a yard. Get some cardboard out of the recycle bin, two types of leaves from outside: some that have pointy edges (oaks are great), and leaves that look like feathers, a sharpie, tape, and scissors.

Cut out a neck from the cardboard and tape it to the smaller end of the pinecone. Snip off leaf edge to become beak and stick on with tape. Assemble the rest, including putting on your eye with the sharpie, and then do a photo shoot with your fleet of turkeys at your parents’ house. Beats a football game as a form of entertainment!

You could use these for placecard settings or for table decorations. They were such a hit!!We laughed so hard we cried at the photoshoot.

I’m going to leave YOU to fill in this story line!

I designed and printed the invitations to our rehearsal dinner, after party, and wedding invitations for our wedding this past April 19. I used a gocco printer I ordered from Japan.

Loco for Gocco!!

This is what happens when I finally have entire days of nothing. I just busted my butt at the end of the school year, and we close on our house next week. I am declaring this week as my crafting vacation, and boy howdy, that’s exactly what I am doing.

I used Umphrey’s McGee current logo–they obviously took the OHM symbol and made it their own.

I got an exacto knife and cut thin strips alternating between text and colorful pages. Then I just used the glue stick on the paper that came with the frame. The white paper is just from a sketch notebook. The place I saw it from used textured heavy white paper. I can definitely see how textured paper could make it look so much better!

I’d still like to figure out people’s faces, letters, or other funky abstract designs in a certain color scheme. To me, these have HUGE potential to look super expensive depending on the design, colors, and quality of paper for the cut-outs. I think I’ll also cut the strips smaller when I go all “Pottery Barn” on the ones I’ll eventually make for my house we close on next week. Can’t you see Pottery Barn charging zillions?

Total Cost:
$2 document frame
$1.88 Hannah Montana Glue Stick

I already had the exacto knife, self-healing mat, and stack of old magazines.

Look at how beautiful you CAN get with them:

And here is a way rad video demonstration