I had some elastic thread and wanted to make a little dress and learn to shirr. I saw some shirred baby girl dresses at Saks for literally $178. After I picked myself up after passing out, I decided to follow the video link’s directions my friend Cory sent me to learn to shirr with Martha Stewart and Heather Ross. The dress will go to baby Penelope in Texas. I absolutely love the colors and fabric combination, and they all came from my huge fabric stash. I didn’t even have to leave the house to get materials.

Bumps in the process: I had set the stitch length to five and the elastic wasn’t really gathering. I switched to a 2 and it worked great. That explains the uneven stitching lines. Also, I had a hard time finishing/hemming the top and would rather attach the straps another way and hem the top before shirring. The last thing that bugs me is that this is shirring instead of smocking technically, although Martha refers to this as smocking.

This dress appears in Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing book, although I haven’t seen a copy.

Shirred Sundress