October 2008

This one’s for Jill’s baby shower on Nov. 2. I love this in the photos!


My friend Sylvia’s having a girl in November! I made this quilt top for her. I used a piece of cardboard from the recycling bin for the strips pattern and just made it up by sewing different rows in different orders, cutting them into blocks, and rearranging them. I have a really bold floral print for the back. I haven’t decided what I’ll do for the borders yet!

Baby legs are just socks sewn into little legwarmers for babies. I made these for my little buddy, Linc.  One’s longer than the other, they’re a bit lumpy, and I didn’t match the argyle, but I am in love with the goofy spiders! However, not bad for my first attempt!

I followed the wonderfully simple directions from Everything Your Mama Made and More.