I finally selected a pattern to follow, which literally took me months. I think this bold geometric pattern juxtaposed with soft colors will be beautiful. I cut out everything but the binding and went ahead and put the pieces into proper stacks to be sewed together. I even labeled them!!

Here’s my favorite shot of all these edges of the fabric stacks:

and Pockets was way too tired to help me out

Pressing all my seams…

The top is almost finished. I have to add one more row; see if you can guess where it goes! Also, you can see the darker greens where I ran out of fabric but it is not as noticeable in person. I LOVE the middle of this pattern and I did an excellent job with matching up the seams! It is the first time I have really been adamant about a 1/4 inch seam and pressing them as well.

Here is the finished top with Pockets!