This is what happens when I finally have entire days of nothing. I just busted my butt at the end of the school year, and we close on our house next week. I am declaring this week as my crafting vacation, and boy howdy, that’s exactly what I am doing.

I used Umphrey’s McGee current logo–they obviously took the OHM symbol and made it their own.

I got an exacto knife and cut thin strips alternating between text and colorful pages. Then I just used the glue stick on the paper that came with the frame. The white paper is just from a sketch notebook. The place I saw it from used textured heavy white paper. I can definitely see how textured paper could make it look so much better!

I’d still like to figure out people’s faces, letters, or other funky abstract designs in a certain color scheme. To me, these have HUGE potential to look super expensive depending on the design, colors, and quality of paper for the cut-outs. I think I’ll also cut the strips smaller when I go all “Pottery Barn” on the ones I’ll eventually make for my house we close on next week. Can’t you see Pottery Barn charging zillions?

Total Cost:
$2 document frame
$1.88 Hannah Montana Glue Stick

I already had the exacto knife, self-healing mat, and stack of old magazines.

Look at how beautiful you CAN get with them:

And here is a way rad video demonstration