I found this fabulous 3/4th length baseball style shirt in a size S (not sure whose age category S) with red sleeves at a thrift store. The front says the quote, “A woman needs a fish like a man needs a bicycle.” –Irina Dunn  and the back says: ECHHS Women’s Caucus” and some sponsor names. I immediately thought: DRESS that must be a DRESS NOW.

I chopped it up and only using existing pieces of the shirt, I made what you see in the pictures. I went through a million revisions in my mind and made it up as I went. I even found ric-rac while looking for red bias tape in my stash that said “3 for 10 cents”  Crazy! I decided it would become a halter top instead of a dress since I don’t think it will be very long.

The Back and Side Views:

A close-up of this fabulous fish: