June 2008

I finally selected a pattern to follow, which literally took me months. I think this bold geometric pattern juxtaposed with soft colors will be beautiful. I cut out everything but the binding and went ahead and put the pieces into proper stacks to be sewed together. I even labeled them!!

Here’s my favorite shot of all these edges of the fabric stacks:

and Pockets was way too tired to help me out

Pressing all my seams…

The top is almost finished. I have to add one more row; see if you can guess where it goes! Also, you can see the darker greens where I ran out of fabric but it is not as noticeable in person. I LOVE the middle of this pattern and I did an excellent job with matching up the seams! It is the first time I have really been adamant about a 1/4 inch seam and pressing them as well.

Here is the finished top with Pockets!


Here she is!

What you need:

Modpodge and a small brush, scissors, tissue paper, magazines, jars with lids (Big jar is a spaghetti sauce jar, and the small jar contained artichoke hearts)

What you do:

I like to brush a thin layer of modpodge on the edges of the jar and cover with thin layers of tissue paper. I then trace around an image and use that for the top, and another one for the bottom. You can customize your jar by putting images and phrases that are meaningful to you. Paint thin layers of modpodge to seal it, which makes it shiny. Try to get as many wrinkles out as you can–you can see (especially in the big one) where I didn’t really do this well.

This big one contains all my buttons. The top is the Great Smoky Mountains, and the bottom of the lid are some hydrangeas from Southern Living. The small one’s text says “When Mama’s happy” and the bottom of this one says “Family Ties.”

They make GREAT, EASY gifts for people. I am thinking of putting photos on them as well. I have an amazingly talented friend Jenna Lee who uses ticket stubs, as well as different layers of resin to make these jar lids into coasters with a 3-D effect. Pretty amazing!

My friend Meghan gave me a cute green and navy paisley print sundress from Express.

Alas, the boobage did not work at all! I ripped out the zipper with a seam ripper. Using another similar skirt as a guide, I cut a new waistline. I sewed up the part where the zipper was ripped. Then I used 1/2inch elastic and sewed it directly to the new waistband. I then folded the leftover parts and sewed it again, enclosing the elastic. I then fixed a few spots where the lace had torn off. Tada! New skirt! I already had a shirt for it. I actually have another fancier shirt that will look more professional. Sweeeeeet!

The Set:

This still needs to be finished!

Matching Pillow:

These are simply amazing. You can hang them up, put pictures in them, line them with a paper towel for a snack bowl, keepĀ  your keys and pockets content in them, etc.

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