PHISH TAGGIE BLANKET! I’ve wanted to make one of these for so long and I found the perfect old shirt and matching ribbons and fabric!

This is my favorite thing I’ve made Hannah Claire! She immediately grabbed it and put it in her mouth!

in process



Something Blue

Back of Something Blue

People-patterned fabric!
People pattern

This quilt, which I call “Something Blue,” was a gift for my brother’s wedding. I used the quilt design, fabric pattern, and other things to metaphorically speak about them at their rehearsal dinner. The pattern is from Quiltville called Strip Twist. I am so in love with the people fabric. I made the back from a strip of scraps to divide it up and keep things interesting. It’s my first free motion quilt job with a real binding. While I can’t say I won’t procrastinate again, I will definitely be making more quilts!

Finally—WET BAGS!!
I’ve wanted to make these for a long time. They were good for me to practice my zipper skills.

I lined these with iron-on vinyl and then made a zipper pouch. I’m going to put dirty cloth diapers in the black and white one instead of using plastic bags. I think for the red one I’ll use it at the beach to keep my cell phone and some other items from getting wet or too sandy. They both wipe clean with solution.

I think I will make one and add a wrist strap. I could even monogram these if I figure out my machine settings. Every little Southern girl needs a monogrammed wet bag to put her unmentionables!!

The red one is 6.5×9.5 inches and the black and white one is 8×9.5. I think I will make a bigger one around 12×14 because all I had were 7-inch and 22-inch zippers in the house. I am thinking I will want more because you can use them for food, makeup, clothes, diapers–anything that you’d normally put in a plastic bag!

If I REALLY wanted to get fancy and probably even more practical, I could get some PUL, but that would be breaking my no fabric buying moratorium.

Wet bags

HC makes little baby elephant noises. I had a purple shirt that I wasn’t sure what to do with and several plain onesies, so I decided to make her a baby elephant outfit. It’s soooo cute!! The pants I made following the tutorial I posted in Red Hot Baby Pants post.

Baby Elephant Set

I’ve had my eye on the free tutorial for the Itty Bitty Baby Dress from Made by Rae since before HC was born. I taught myself how to gather and make piping. Here was the first dress made following the 9-11 lb size:

first IBBD

Oh no! HC has a bigger head than the pattern!

Next dress: Cherry sunshine
cherry sunshine

I had some elastic thread and wanted to make a little dress and learn to shirr. I saw some shirred baby girl dresses at Saks for literally $178. After I picked myself up after passing out, I decided to follow the video link’s directions my friend Cory sent me to learn to shirr with Martha Stewart and Heather Ross. The dress will go to baby Penelope in Texas. I absolutely love the colors and fabric combination, and they all came from my huge fabric stash. I didn’t even have to leave the house to get materials.

Bumps in the process: I had set the stitch length to five and the elastic wasn’t really gathering. I switched to a 2 and it worked great. That explains the uneven stitching lines. Also, I had a hard time finishing/hemming the top and would rather attach the straps another way and hem the top before shirring. The last thing that bugs me is that this is shirring instead of smocking technically, although Martha refers to this as smocking.

This dress appears in Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing book, although I haven’t seen a copy.

Shirred Sundress

HC has the most adorable onesie with a red embroidered butterfly on it, but has no bottoms to match them. I decided to make her a pair of pants out of an old red shirt that was too small and had holes in the armpits anyway.

I followed the tutorial on Rookie Moms, an awesome blog, and ended up with these in less than 20 minutes start to finish:

Red Hot Pants